The Global Futures events enable new thinking around big global challenges. They do this by bringing together people from different disciplines (science, politics, psychology, sociology, business, leadership, art, …) in an informal way for short presentations, followed by discussions and then chats over a drink. The first event was the book launch of The Burning Question, dealing head on with climate change and fossil fuels. Subsequent  events have looked at inseparably related aspects of the sustainability challenge including Waking up’, ‘Bridging the gap’ and ‘Growth’. The events are provocative and engaging.

This site has the videos and presentation from past events and adverts for the future events in this series.

This site also includes a deliberately short set of link to other events, videos and materials in the same vein.

Global Futures events are held at Lancaster University, in the Environment Centre on a Thursdays or Fridays late from 4pm until 6pm+

We hope to see you soon.